Join us in central Scandinavia for three days of climbing, fun and networking. Program can and will be adjusted before the event. Only with improvements! To give you the best experience and to avoid making the most popular climbing areas crowded we are limiting the registrations to 54 participants.

27 January, Thursday

18.00 Check in for early arrivals. Extra night to be reserved in your registration. Price includes breakfast and lunch package from breakfast..

28 January, Friday

Climbing in the ice fields of Medelpad. We recommend visiting one that is along your route to Östanskär. Find your ice of choice in the ice guide you can find for free on our website.

Östanskär reception is open for check in on the afternoon. The sauna will be warm from 16.00.

A secure storage room will be heated with places to dry equipment after the climbing.

16.00-18.00 After climb in the pub.

18.00-19.00 Presentation of climbing areas and current ice conditions.

19.00 Dinner.

29 January, Saturday

07.00-09.00 Breakfast with an extended menu for filling your thermos and bringing a lunch with you outside.

Climb in many of the areas in Medelpad. On the ice falls in Liden. Trappstegsfallet and Göteborgsisarna some locals will be around to give tips on the icefalls. These two areas are beginner-friendly. Top roping possible.

16.00 Sauna heated and the after climbing pub will be open.

19.00 Three course meal dinner. The kitchen in Östanskär will present a lovely combination of food with a taste of the wild.

30 January, Sunday

07.00-09.00 Breakfast with extended menu to make a package for lunch.

Checkout from the hotel.

Climbing in the ice fields in Medelpad. If you’d like, you can try another icefall along your ride home.

Östanskär is located 30km distance from Bergsportcenter in Liden. That is where the parking is located for the icefalls on Storberget. Trappstegsfallet, Göteborgsisarna and more. On this first year we have NOT made arrangements with transfer from the airport and translation in Sundsvall. To gauge interest, we added one question in the registration form to be used if you are interested in that type of travel arrangement. If enough people are interested we will make arrangements and present a price for that service.

All climbing is organized by participants themselves and at own risk!

If you have questions please give us a call or reach us by email.

Phone +46706382429